Indian Premier League GÇô The Costliest Sports Event!

Each Group Needed a pool of 16 players, Having a Maximum of eight overseas players and a min of four U-22 players. All 8 teams played with each other 2 times in the round robin system, the top four ranking sides’ progressed into the semi-finals. IPL is set this year and prepared to stone the Cricket fraternity with its glorious and glamorous series to be held within few days.

Indian premier league is expected to attract About US $1 billion within the period of 5-10 years. This revenue will be dispersed as 50 percent will go back to IPL, Franchises 45 percent and prize cash 5 percent. In the very first season, nobody has been expected to break even, however, the success of the first season was so phenomenal that some of the franchises are profitable from the year 1. Kolkatta knight passengers however, did not qualify for the semi finals, made the net profit of 13 Crores because of the successful advertising strategy by its proprietor Shahrukh Khan, while the Rajasthan royals, the underdogs, that were the last year winners, produced net profit of 6 Crores.

IPL economy: What the cash-rich league adds to India's GDP - The Financial Express

Following the highly successful first season, It is noted that 4 new franchises will combine the IPL from the summer 2010-2011. The new verified franchises are Ahmadabad, together with Anil Ambani’s name associated humor it, and Kanpur using Sahara team; associated with that. The tentative dates for its second season of the DLF Indian Premier League, was declared by the Chairman & League Commissioner, LalitModi ipl live streaming tv.

The formats of this year will remain the Like the very first season. The auction of the players will begin at Goa on 6th. Indian premier league that Was shaped on the on the traces of British premier league and federal Football league has also become a Super Important Sporting event. Will the much Hyped T20 championship league be in a position to keep its victory runFree Reprint Articles, or its own bubble will burst in the next several years? We shall find out as The show unfolds.